La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9
La Spaziale - S8/S9

La Spaziale - S8/S9

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The S8 and S9 are the latest take on La Spaziale's most popular commercial machine, the S5. They're great for medium / high volume businesses who want advanced control at an affordable price.


  • Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting.
  • Electronic boiler refill.
  • Electric heating system.
  • Double pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressure control.
  • Boiler temperature indicated by LED display.
  • S8 version has a rotary steam valve, S9 has a lever operated steam valve.
  • Electronic boiler temperature regulation.
  • Automatic operating temperature boost function.
  • Control of malfunction alarms.
  • Electric cup warmer (available on request).
  • ECO MODE Function.
  • Preset hot water delivery for infusions.
  • Take away (T/A) model with raised groups to accommodate taller cups.
  • Possibility to deactivate the electric heating system
  • Upgraded boiler heating element (available on request)
  • Distance of 16 cm between delivery spouts and drip tray for ”take away” cups.
La Spaziale STEAM heat exchange system
La Spaziale use their patented STEAM heat exchange system to heat, keeping their temperature at a more accurate, fixed level than their competition.  The steam is used to heat a small individual boiler for each individual group head, ensuring a constant heat for the water as it reached the coffee in the group head handle, regardless of the amount of drinks currently being served from the machine.  Most coffee has a sweet spot of 94 degrees, with noticable changes in flavour either side of that magic number so La Spaziale can hit this every time meaning a far better delivery of taste to your customers.  The additional advantage of the STEAM heat exchange system is that it uses less power and reduces issues of lime scale build up.

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