Casadio Undici A3
Casadio Undici A3

Casadio Undici A3

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The 3 group Undici A3 is ideal for those who want a reliable, robust and high-tech machine to make perfect coffees. The A3 is a high performing traditional espresso machine which is easy to use and low maintenance as well as stylish, elegant and versatile.  

The A3 model has a stainless steel hot water dispenser wand and two multi-directional steam wands for making milk-based coffees. The user-friendly espresso machine with 3 group head includes a fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system which is adaptable and high performing. 

This ‘coffee to go’ model is suitable for take away coffee cups (up to 14.5cm high). Each group head of the Casadio Undici A3 has four drink selection push buttons with LED lights which can be programmed to create various coffee doses (12 in total).  


  • Traditional coffee machine.
  • 3 group heads.
  • 2 x multi-directional steam wands.
  • 1 x fixed hot water arm.
  • Ideal for cups up to 14.5cm high.
  • Each group head features four selections with programmable shot dosing and a continuous delivery/stop button.
  • Available in steel and aluminium with black.
  • Tall cup version with raised group head to accommodate larger cups.
  • Also available in 1 group and 2 group.

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